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Window Humidity and Window Condensation

First of All What is Window Condensation and Why is it Important?

Based on our firsthand experience, windows condensation is created when the humid air near the window frames and glass itself is hotter than the temperature of the window parts and glass. This vapor build up converts to liquid drops from being in contact with a colder material. Usually this window condensation can be found around the glazing since a lot issues with leaky air passages happen around the edges of the window. It is important to pay attention to this issue since a prolonged build up of condensation can cause mold as well as disturb natural light.


What Can You Do to Prevent Window Condensation?

We at Factory Direct ensure that all of our window products are custom built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North-America, by doing so we ensure that the following window features are essential in ensuring longevity:

  • Factory Direct New Jersey uses Low-E Glass which is the most energy-efficient way of coating your glass to ensure optimal heat and cold preservation. We use special coating to reduce ultraviolet light from entering, this drastic measures significantly helps regular internal temperature regulation without decreasing the amount of natural day light.
  • We put Argon gas in between the two or three panes that are included in your windows. The Argon gas helps to reduce the ultraviolet transmission even further.
  • uPVC and PVC which stand for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and Polyvinyl Chloride respectively, are high-quality construction building materials that are used for the frames around our Factory Direct windows and are non-conductive, this means that window condensation around the frames is very unlikely with our products.

Please also note that the internal humidity and temperature of your home can also be a factor in creating unnecessary condensation. Drawing from our experience, you should keep an eye on your humidity levels and ensure that they are at acceptable levels between 30-50%. This will ensure that the issue is indeed with some of your window products and they might need replacement. Contact us for a free estimate.

Ensure That Your Heaters are Directly Pointing at The Window Glazing

If the interior surface of the window where it is attached to the wall overheats drastically this can cause major condensation and will quickly deteriorate any window product. You must ensure that your installers are well aware of the placement of your heaters when replacing your windows and doors as this can be a crucial step in ensuring good temperature regulation and energy efficiency.

The Humidity Inside Your House is Important in Keeping Your Windows Well Maintained

Our research indicates that many faulty or cheap windows and doors products can cause your energy bills to climb whether it’s for heating or cooling you must ensure that you window and doors products aren’t making your situation worse. Humidity inside the house can drastically change based on the quality of those products and in what manner they were installed and insulated.

Tip For Preventing Condensation in New Jersey

  • When using stoves, microwaves or boilers for washing, the use of exterior fans can help reduce the internal humidity.
  • Some interior window accessories such as heavy blinds or any obstruction to the air circulation around the window can cause condensation to worsen drastically and as such that will mean the humidity levels in that area will be through the roof.
  • Make sure you occasionally ventilate any crawl spaces that exist in your house to ensure optimal air circulation and thus healthy humidity levels.
  • Ensure your house doesn’t have any mold in the basement especially as this means there are problems with humidity.
  • Firewood should be always stored outside.
  • Consider having a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) system if your house is pretty old and doesn’t have this pre-installed in it, this is important.


Lastly, Ensure that You Research Your Window and Doors Products and Company

We would be happy to assist you with the consultation, giving you some design ideas and ensuring that you get the best price possible for durable, solid, and beautiful window or door products and services. Try us and discover the Factory Direct experience for yourself. Thank you!

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