Windows and Doors Installation Tinton Falls

How to Choose Plastic Windows for Tinton Falls

Choosing the right windows and doors for your home is crucial for ensuring comfort, security, and energy efficiency. At Factory Direct New Jersey, we understand that every home in Tinton Falls deserves the best. Our commitment to providing high-quality PVC windows and doors is matched by our dedication to exceptional installation services. With our expert team, you can be confident that your home will benefit from the finest products and the highest standards of workmanship.

For Protection, Comfort, and Beauty: How to Choose Plastic Windows Correctly

Selecting and purchasing PVC windows requires utmost responsibility, as these installations are intended to last for decades. The modern market is filled with offers from various providers, including standard and non-standard designs.

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Criteria for Choosing PVC Windows

To ensure the quality of PVC windows, consider the following criteria:

  • Reliable protection from external noise: This is important for apartments in urban areas.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Protection from rain, wind, and cold
  • Security against unauthorized entry
  • Ease of operation
  • Durability: At least 10 years
  • Aesthetic appeal: Windows are the “eyes” of the house and should be visually pleasing.
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Key Elements to Consider


The PVC profile is the frame of the window and must:

  • Retain heat efficiently: For Tinton Falls, a minimum of three chambers is recommended.
  • Be structurally rigid: A reinforced profile with a metal frame thickness of at least 1.5 mm is ideal.
  • Meet environmental standards: High-quality PVC profiles should use safe raw materials and not release toxins with temperature changes.
  • Have a stylish design: A uniform surface is essential for an ideal window.

Double Glazing

For double glazing, consider:

  • Number of panes: More panes offer better sound insulation and energy savings. A double-pane option is usually the best.
  • Type of glass: Various options are available, including thermal and energy-efficient glass. Choose based on your specific needs.

It’s recommended to select windows where the air chambers between panes are filled with argon or krypton to save on heating and cooling costs.


When choosing PVC windows, pay attention to the fittings. They should:

  • Be strong and durable: Fittings with anti-corrosion coatings offer better performance.
  • Be multifunctional: They should open and close easily, provide multi-stage ventilation, protect against unauthorized entry, and ensure child safety.

Importance of Proper Installation

Proper installation is crucial and should be entrusted to qualified specialists.

3 Myths About Plastic Windows for Factory Direct Windows and Doors in Tinton Falls

Misconceptions often arise due to a lack of information. In our articles, we aim to clarify these to the best of our ability. Before choosing PVC windows, let’s dispel some of the most common myths.

Myth No. 1: Plastic Windows Provide 100% Heat and Sound Insulation

From a technical standpoint, it’s challenging to create a translucent structure that is completely insulated from cold. Cold air can still penetrate through gaps between the glass and the seal, and through installation seams.

Even with perfect seals and expert installation, rooms require ventilation. Air from outside must enter the space to prevent stuffiness, similar to a closed greenhouse.

Complete sound insulation is also unachievable. While plastic windows can significantly reduce noise from nearby traffic or construction, proper ventilation standards necessitate some noise entry.


Myth No. 2: More Chambers in the Profile and Glass Unit Are Always Better

A profile is a window frame with internal cavities (chambers), typically ranging from 3 to 8. The most common profiles have 3 or 5 chambers. Double-glazed windows are glass blocks with spaces (chambers) between them. The most common are 2-chamber double-glazed windows, but there are also single-chamber and multi-chamber options.

The number of chambers affects heat and noise insulation but also adds weight and cost. Choose the number of chambers based on practical needs and regional preferences. Consult with a company representative to determine the most suitable option for your area, avoiding unnecessary costs.


Myth No. 3: PVC Material Is Not Environmentally Friendly, Not Fire Resistant, and Doesn’t Fit into Design Schemes

PVC is a synthetic but safe material, used even for food containers. While flammable, PVC windows are less likely to catch fire quickly compared to wooden windows. PVC may melt and release toxins, but the carbon monoxide from burning wood is equally dangerous.

In terms of design, PVC can be laminated or painted in various colors, fitting any interior.

Installing plastic windows in winter is advantageous. There’s less rush, quicker completion, and often discounts. Concerns about material shrinkage in the cold are unfounded; installations are not done in extreme cold. You can immediately check for proper ventilation and condensation.

How to Choose Plastic Windows for Warmth and Quietness

Consider the following factors for thermal insulation:

  • Profile thickness and number of air chambers
  • Number of chambers in double-glazed windows, distance between panes, type, and thickness of glass
  • Tight fit of structural elements
  • Area of glazed space

Evaluate the heating efficiency of the room and regional climatic conditions. If winter heat retention isn’t critical, a single-chamber double-glazed window may suffice. For better insulation, opt for a double-glazed window with a 5-chamber profile.

For sound insulation, consider:

  • Glass thickness
  • Distance between panes in double-glazed windows
  • Quality of installation

Seals help reduce high-frequency noise, while thicker glass and greater distance between panes dampen low-frequency noise. For maximum noise protection, choose double-frame windows with thick outer glass and a noise-proof ventilation valve. Ventilation is still necessary during summer.

Selecting Factory Direct New Jersey for your windows and doors installation in Tinton Falls means choosing excellence in both product quality and installation. Our top-tier PVC windows and doors are designed to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, noise insulation, and overall aesthetic appeal. Trust our skilled professionals to deliver meticulous installation and superior craftsmanship. With Factory Direct New Jersey, you are guaranteed the highest quality and reliability, ensuring your complete satisfaction for years to come.