Types of Window Designs for Your Home in Tennent, New Jersey

Choosing the right windows and doors for your home is a significant decision that impacts both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your property. At Factory Direct New Jersey in Tennent, we offer a wide range of window and door installation services to meet your needs. Here’s a guide to help you understand the different types of window designs and their benefits.

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Types of Windows

Single Glazed Windows

  • Description: The most common and economical option, made from various materials like wood, aluminum, or plastic.
  • Best For: Budget-conscious projects with basic insulation needs.

Double Glazed Windows

  • Description: Provide greater insulation and energy efficiency with two layers of glass.
  • Best For: Homes where reducing energy consumption and maintaining comfortable indoor conditions is important.

Triple Glazed Windows

  • Description: Offer maximum thermal and sound insulation with three layers of glass.
  • Best For: Homes in areas with harsh climates or high energy efficiency requirements.

Windows with Metal-Plastic Frames

  • Description: Known for durability and low maintenance costs, these windows fit well in modern homes.
  • Best For: Homeowners looking for a modern appearance and long-lasting performance.

Aluminum Window Frames

  • Description: Highly durable and resistant to corrosion, ideal for large glazed facades.
  • Best For: Modern designs and homes in coastal areas.

Wooden Window Frames

  • Description: Provide a warm, natural look and are popular in historically significant or environmentally friendly areas.
  • Best For: Traditional homes and eco-friendly projects.

Types of Glass

Single-Chamber Double Glazed Windows

  • Description: Consist of one layer of glass, offering basic insulation.
  • Best For: Rooms with low energy efficiency requirements.

Double-Glazed Windows

  • Description: Two layers of glass separated by air or inert gas, providing better insulation.
  • Best For: Most residential applications.

Three-Chamber Double-Glazed Windows

  • Description: Three layers of glass for maximum thermal and sound insulation.
  • Best For: Minimizing heat loss and noise in high-demand areas.

Energy-Saving and Solar Control Coatings

  • Description: Additional coatings to improve energy efficiency, such as Low-E coatings.
  • Best For: Homes looking to reflect heat back in doors or reduce heat from the sun’s rays.

Soundproofing Glass

  • Description: Ideal for noisy areas, offering high soundproofing.
  • Best For: Homes near busy streets or in noisy environments.

Key Considerations

Energy Efficiency:

  • U-Value: Measures heat loss. Lower U-values indicate better insulation.
  • Tightness: Ensures windows are airtight to prevent drafts.
  • Solar Protection: Reduces heating during hot seasons.
  • Condensation: Look for windows with proper insulation to prevent condensation.

Weather Resistance:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Important for coastal areas.
  • UV Resistance: Protects frames and glass from solar radiation.
  • Watertightness: Ensures windows are sealed against water penetration.

Design and Aesthetics:

  • Architectural Style: Match windows with the building’s style.
  • Color and Finish: Choose colors and finishes that complement your home.
  • Size and Shape: Consider functionality and architectural solutions.
  • Decorative Elements: Grilles, shutters, and frames can add unique style.
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Security Systems:

  • Materials and Design: Opt for burglar-resistant designs.
  • Locks and Fittings: Ensure they are reliable and resistant to tampering.
  • Protective Films and Glass: Enhance security with special films or glass.

Installation and Service:

  • Professional Installation: Ensure proper installation to avoid leaks and other issues.
  • Warranties: Look for suppliers offering long-term warranties and reliable service.

Selecting the right windows and doors involves balancing quality, design, and budget considerations. At Factory Direct New Jersey in Tennent, we are committed to helping you find the best solutions for your home. Contact us today for expert advice and high-quality installation services.

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Double-Glazed Windows: The Smart Choice for Your Home in Tennent, New Jersey

A double-glazed window consists of two or more panes of glass hermetically sealed together, separated by a spacer frame. Inside the chamber, there’s dried air or an inert gas like argon or krypton, which improves thermal efficiency. These windows can be single-chamber or double-chamber. Single-chamber double-glazed windows are typically used for glazing unheated spaces like balconies, loggias, summer houses, and industrial buildings. In contrast, double-chamber windows are used for residential properties due to their superior insulation properties.

The glass in a double-glazed window accounts for most of the window’s surface, and its properties significantly impact the overall functionality of the window. Here are the different types of double-glazed windows you can consider for your home:

Types of Double-Glazed Windows

Energy-Saving Glass

  • Description: Features a thin layer of silver oxide that reflects infrared thermal radiation.
  • Benefits: Protects the room from heat loss in winter and prevents overheating in summer. Inert gases like argon or krypton inside the chambers provide enhanced thermal protection due to their lower thermal conductivity compared to air.

Multifunctional Glass

  • Description: Combines energy-saving properties with the ability to reflect sunlight.
  • Benefits: Ideal for windows facing the sunny side, it helps protect furniture and wallpaper from fading and keeps the room from overheating. The mirror-like surface also offers privacy by hiding the interior from outside view.

Safety Glass

  • Description: Used in areas with a high risk of break-ins or potential injury from broken glass.
  • Benefits: Laminated safety glass (triplex) or glass with a special shockproof film enhances security by preventing easy breakage and reducing injury risk from glass shards.

Noise-Proof Double-Glazed Windows

  • Description: Designed for homes near constant noise sources like railways, highways, or airports.
  • Benefits: The asymmetry of the glass and spacer frames dampens sound resonance. Laminated glass (triplex) can further increase noise-proof properties.

Window Accessories

Window fittings are crucial for the functionality and security of your windows. High-quality fittings ensure smooth operation, secure locking, and additional features for safety and convenience. Here are some key accessories to consider:

High-Quality Fittings:

  • Brands: Maco, Roto, Sigenia, Winkhaus are renowned for their durable and reliable fittings.
  • Features: Smooth movement, multiple locking points to prevent drafts, several adjustment options, and additional safety features.

Essential Features:

  • Micro-Ventilation: Maintains optimal indoor temperature and humidity through a small slot created by fixing the handle at a 45-degree angle.
  • Erroneous Action Blocker: Prevents handle rotation when the sash is open or tilted, avoiding damage to the mechanism.
  • Microlift: Assists in closing and opening the sash by slightly lifting it, often combined with the erroneous action blocker.
  • Child Safety Lock: Allows ventilation without the risk of a child opening the sash fully.
  • Opening Limiter and Stepwise Ventilation: Enables fixing the sash at specific distances for controlled ventilation.

Anti-Burglary Fittings:

  • Description: More expensive but offer enhanced security.
  • Features: Mushroom-shaped trunnions securely lock into strikers, preventing the sash from being pried open. High-resistance fittings include metal plates to prevent drilling of hinges and handles.

Hidden Hinges


  • Protection: Hidden hinges are shielded from construction debris and plaster, increasing the mechanism’s lifespan.
  • Aesthetics: Eliminates the need for decorative plugs, maintaining a clean look.

At Factory Direct New Jersey in Tennent, we are committed to providing high-quality window and door installation services. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help improve your home’s comfort, efficiency, and security.