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Welcome to Factory Direct New Jersey, your premier window replacement company in New Jersey. Our team ensures seamless window installation, offering energy-efficient replacement windows that boast durability and style. Whether you’re updating your patio doors or considering high-quality windows with lifetime warranty options, our range of windows look exceptional in any setting.

Our reputation is stellar because clients trust us. With the latest window and glass production technologies we ensure durability and energy-efficiency.

If you’re an entrepreneur, home owners, designer or architect then discover the Factory Direct Experience. We do what we say we will do and prioritize your success to ensure ours.


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  • ✅ State-of-the-Art Window Production Line
  • ✅ 25 Years Lifetime Transferrable Warranty
  • ✅ Highly-Secure Window Systems
  • ✅ uPVC Technology & Double Low-E Glass
  • ✅ Double and Triple Pane Window Options
  • ✅ Energy Star® Certified Products
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Glass Options for Factory Direct Windows New Jersey

Factory Direct New Jersey Clear Glass WindowClear Glass

The clear type of glass for our windows provides better noise protection efficiency than our single pane glass option. This glass allows cold air and heat to pass through it smoothly without a lot of resistance.

Low-E Glass

Factory Direct New Jersey Low-E Glass Window

Our research indicates that Low-E glass significantly reduces heat loss in cold weather through the reduction of radiant heat transfer and by reflecting the interior heat back into the room where the Low-E glass window is located. In the summer, this glass helps also to reduce the heat that’s allowed inside the house. This is a popular energy-efficient glass technology that helps you reduce your energy costs. Low-E Glass also reduces the transmission of UV rays from the sun which is the leading cause of damage that’s done to fabrics and carpets inside the home, causing them to fade and degrade much faster.

Cardinal Architectural Glass: LoE-180, LoE2-272, LoE3-366, LoE-i89

Factory Direct New Jersey Triple Pane Glass WindowTriple Glass

This type of glass window provides the most energy-efficiency available on the market currently in North-America. The extra pane of glass helps with insulation and keeps cold air outside and warm air inside and vice versa. The unique coating that’s applied to the triple pane glass window helps improve the energy efficiency by removing solar gain.

To read more about window humidity and condensation and what to do, click here.

Triple Pane Durable uPVC Window Manufacturing NJ

Watch a short video from our window manufacturing plant. If you’re an architect, a designer, a developer or a homeowners, contact us to get a free quote.

Residential & Commercial Window Installers in New Jersey

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Windows are one of the most important elements of home décor. Their design contributes to the look of your home and the way natural light gets in.

Windows also play a huge role in the energy efficiencyof your home. Heat gain and heat loss through windows accounts for 25 – 30% of your heating and cooling use. We’re proud to offer the best window styles with fast installation service. Bay and bow windows or double hung or even doors for your home are just steps away with our expert installation with the greatest energy efficient quality to save money on energy bills. Call today to schedule a free call for your curb appeal improvement with our vinyl replacement windows .

Therefore, the right products can save you a good chunk of change when it comes to keeping your house protected from the elements.

If you have decided it is time to renovate or you are in the middle of considering a future windows and doors home replacement project, contact Factory Direct New Jersey for a free & easy quote.

Windows and Doors in New Jersey - Energy Star Certified

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we understand the importance of getting the right set of windows for your home. At Factory Direct we match the best available quality on the market with the most competitive prices in New Jersey. We can offer our customers what other windows companies can’t. Our windows are installed and manufactured for consumers who seeks quality while ensuring they don’t over-pay.

At Factory Direct New Jersey, we also offer a fair price promise with every free estimate. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and explore our large selection, ensuring your home’s upgrade is tailored to provide both aesthetic appeal and function, every single time.

When it comes to siding, we offer everything from modern vinyl siding to traditional finishes, ensuring we can match different styles for every architectural design. Our double-hung windows are a timeless choice, perfect for those looking to outdate their current windows with something more contemporary and energy-saving.

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Windows and Doors NJ

Schedule a free in-home consultation for installation and replacement windows for your home!

If you’re looking to upgrade the windows or doors in your home with new replacement windows, Factory Direct New Jersey offers a wide selection of attractive, energy-efficient options to suit every need. From stylish casement and picture windows to elegant bow and bay windows, our products are designed to enhance the finish of your home’s exterior. Our durable vinyl windows and entry doors are not only a smart upgrade but also provide peace of mind with foam insulation for improved energy bills.

With Factory Direct New Jersey’s exceptional customer service, investing in premium replacement windows and installation is effortless. From sliding glass to wood windows, we have all the window options to transform and insulate your New Jersey area home. Contact us today to replace your windows and take advantage of our financing solutions for both new or replacement projects. Factory Direct New Jersey—an outlet for the highest quality windows, tailored just for you

Our windows are made to last harsh weather, they are durable and will help you save on energy expenditure year-long. Contact us for a free estimation today.

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