Windows and Doors Installation and Replacement in Warren County NJ

Welcome to Factory Direct New Jersey! Today, we’re focusing on windows, though we also specialize in door installation in Warren County. Choosing the right installers is crucial, as improper installation can lead to issues like condensation and poor insulation, potentially compromising your home’s structure. Windows are designed to last at least 25 years, so it’s essential to get the installation right the first time to avoid these problems.

We’re here to guide you through selecting the ideal windows and doors for your home or commercial property in Warren County. Whether you’re dealing with common issues or planning a future installation, our expert team is ready to provide all the assistance you need. Welcome aboard, and let’s ensure your installations are perfect!

Quality of Vinyl Window Installation – Why do you need Best Installers in Warren County?

Proper installation is crucial for the performance of vinyl windows, even more so than the quality of the windows themselves. It’s advisable to have a professional measure the window openings to ensure accuracy. Incorrect measurements can lead to gaps that are not only unsightly but also compromise the window’s hermetic seal, leading to higher costs if reinstallation is needed. Many companies offer free measurement services, adding value without extra expense.

After installation, you should verify the seal integrity of all window sashes. A simple test involves placing a sheet of paper between the sash and the frame, then closing the window. If the paper does not slide out easily, the window seals effectively. However, if the paper pulls out without resistance in some areas but not others, it indicates inconsistent seal quality and may require adjustment of the hardware.

The window should also be perfectly level. You can check this by opening the sash and observing if it moves on its own; it should remain static if correctly installed.

The quality of the window sealing foam is paramount. Before applying any final touches, such as trim or external sealing, ensure there are no gaps between the window frame and the wall. Gaps can lead to drafts and reduce energy efficiency.

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What Other Problems Can Occur with Wrongly Installed Windows?

Why do plastic windows sweat inside your home? If you’ve noticed condensation on your windows, it’s not necessarily a sign of poor quality. Even the most well-made windows can experience condensation due to various factors.

What Causes Window Condensation in Your Warren County Home?

Condensation forms when the temperature inside your home is significantly warmer than outside, especially from fall to spring. This temperature difference causes moisture in the air to condense into water droplets on your colder window glass. High indoor humidity levels from activities like cooking can also contribute to condensation.

Here’s what might be causing condensation on your windows:

  • Temperature and Humidity: Indoor heating and outdoor cold air contribute to condensation.
  • Air Circulation: Poor air circulation can increase moisture on your windows.
  • Installation Quality: Incorrect installation can lead to gaps that allow extra moisture to seep in.

Kitchen windows often experience more condensation due to cooking steam and heat. It’s natural for some condensation to occur under these conditions. However, if you see moisture between the panes of glass, this suggests a seal failure, and the window unit may need to be replaced.

The Factory Direct New Jersey Advantage for replacement services

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Main Reasons for Condensation on Plastic Windows:

  • Poor Installation: Incorrectly installed window sills or slopes can block air flow.
  • Ventilation Issues: Inefficient ventilation systems can trap humid air inside, especially in older homes where natural ventilation through wooden window cracks was common.
  • Insufficient Thermal Insulation: Cheap or improperly selected windows may not insulate well, leading to condensation even in milder temperatures.
  • Window Sills: Overly large or improperly positioned window sills can prevent warm air from circulating to the glass, causing condensation.


  • Enhance Insulation: Consider upgrading to energy-efficient double-glazed windows.
  • Improve Ventilation: Install air supply valves or breathers to ensure proper air circulation.
  • Adjust the Windowsill: Resize or ventilate the windowsill to allow for better air movement.
  • Regular Ventilation: Open windows regularly to decrease indoor humidity.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Factory Direct New Jersey in Warren County! We’re committed to providing top-quality windows and doors, crafted locally to ensure the highest standards of durability and performance. From your initial inquiry to the final installation, we promise a seamless experience, offering the best solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you’re updating a single window or undertaking a larger project involving multiple installations for a commercial property, we’re here to deliver peace of mind and excellence at an affordable price. Trust us to enhance your space with our expert services, all conveniently available in one place.