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Choosing the right door – Exterior Entry Doors NJ

Our exclusive network of door manufacturers produces unique prehung exterior doors based on your individual requirements and taste. Various entry doors from multiple elite and affordable brands are available. Doorglass can always be customized as well as many other customization options on which we elaborate below.

Novatech 2024 New Entry Door Catalog Factory Direct New Jersey

NEW: 2024 Entry Door Catalog

2023 Novatech Entry Doors

2023 Novatech Entry Doors

2024 Trimlite Collection

2024 Trimlite Collection

Wrought Iron Doors

Special and unique wrought iron doors provided by Factory Direct New Jersey. We have decorative doors, which contain various textures and colors that mix to create gorgeous glass designs. Our manufacturer uses steel bars which are welded inside the design and bent to create beautiful designs. Stained glass is also provided with the wrought iron door. See UPDATED catalog here.

Decorative Glass

An assortment of different textures and colors combined with beautiful glass designs.

Wrought Iron

Solid steel bars welded and bent to create elegant glass door designs.


A fusion of stained glass and wrought iron exclusive to Factory Direct New Jersey.


Back to basics. Timeless, simple and functional.

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NEW Wrought Iron Doors Catalog

Sliding Patio Doors

Factory Direct’s patio sliding doors are the perfect mix of high-performance, functionality, and aesthetics. Based on our firsthand experience, a patio door product that is durable, long-lasting, highly-secure, and suited to all four seasons. Match it with your personal taste and style and customize it to your taste. See catalog here.

Entry Door Inspiration 2024

Professional Door Installation New Jersey

Every door is custom-built to your requirements in our various manufacturing facilities. Materials used in the production of our doors are: Vinyl, Wrought Iron, Steel, and glass. Each part of the door from those materials can be customized. We provide standard selection which includes exterior and entrance doors, sliding doors and patio doors.Embrace home improvement with Factory Direct’s selection of new door and window options in North Jersey. Our fiberglass and steel doors, including custom doors , boost curb appeal and energy efficiency. From storm doors to garage doors, our northern NJ door contractors offer the best in replacement and installation services. Enhance natural light with our window and door solutions, perfect for any NJ home

As our customers know, our prices are the best on the market and the quality speaks for itself. After putting it to the test, we guarantee the highest grade materials and craftsmanship. The perfect door for your entrance isn’t that far away from reality! Contact us today for a free estimation.

Great Selection of Doors from Factory Direct New Jersey

The customization options are unique and endless. You will find the doors that best fit your house and atmosphere with Factory Direct New Jersey. Customers can always consult us regarding questions about installations, fit, custom options etc. our job it to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Seeking a new front door or window upgrade? Contact us for a free estimate and explore our array of front entry and new windows, designed to meet every style and functional need in County NJ. Choose us for best door replacement NJ and installation NJ, ensuring your space shines with beauty and efficiency.

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At Factory Direct, located right in the heart of New Jersey, we offer an extensive range of doors to suit any home improvement project. Whether you’re seeking to enhance the exterior of your home with a new front door, increase your living space’s natural light with interior doors, or protect your home from harsh weather with sturdy storm doors, our door options are built to satisfy.

For those in Morristown, Nutley, and all across northern New Jersey, we provide high door services, including the installation of fiberglass entry doors and wood doors that elevate the style and appeal of your home. Our trusted door brands and custom doors crafted by skilled American home contractors offer durability and aesthetic appeal.

Our double entry doors are a popular choice for those looking to make a statement with their primary door, while our replacement doors, including steel and hollow metal doors, offer the security and energy efficiency you’re looking for. With 60 years of experience, our door installation needs are second to none, ensuring that whether it’s a new entry door or sidelites you seek, we have the options available.

Factory Direct is proud to have earned the Angie’s List Super Service award, reflecting our commitment to excellent door services and customer satisfaction in NJ. Contact us today for your door and window projects, and let our expertise add value to your New Jersey home.

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